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"I help clients, colleagues, and healthcare professionals keep up with rapidly changing times"

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Counseling & Coaching


I'm sure I am a counselor today because that's what God planned for my life. I believe the things I've experienced have made me better able to understand my clients. I have had the privilege & honor of helping many people...

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Practice Development


Making ends meet in private practice it a challenge to say the least. Gone are the days to just sit by and wait for the phone to ring. We must be active and pay attention to the rapid changes in the world, especially with technology.

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Serenity Creations


Don's Serenity Creations eStore contains self development tools such as videos, eBooks, meditation music, hypnosis downloads, guided meditations, membership programs, brainwave entrainment audios, and more.

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A Fellow Counselor on the Front Lines in Africa...


"I just wanted to say thank you for the directness, simplicity and clarity of your web-site. I'm an experienced counselor, therapist and counselor trainer, currently working on a project in Africa where I am training Child Protection Officers and front-line case workers ... in counseling children who have suffered abuse, live with AIDS or are orphaned/abandoned. The training challenges are enormous here; very steep learning curve for me for lots of reasons! Your site is the best stuff I have read on this since Bradshaw on The Family and contains material I can really use to help my trainees make sense of what is going on with some of the children they work with. What a find! Thanks again!"

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