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The Missouri Recovery Network provides education to communities, organizations and individuals around the state of Missouri related to substance use disorder recovery, family education, Narcan training and distribution, recovery language training, advocacy training, Certified Peer Specialist trainings as well as hosting the Missouri Peer Leadership Summit. MRN has spoken at the Real Voices Real Choices Consumer Conference, the Missouri Association of Treatment Court Professionals Conference, the Missouri Academy of Family Physicians, the Missouri Crisis Intervention Team Conference, DMH’s Spring Training Institute, the Missouri DOC Reentry Conference and the Missouri Children’s Trauma Network Summit, to name a few. We also provide testimony in Jefferson City in front of our State Representatives and State Senators on bills supporting treatment, recovery as well as bills that make it easier for people who are actively using to stay healthy and alive long enough to enter into recovery. MRN also provides scholarships for the Real Voices Real Choices Consumer Conference as well as the Peer Leadership Summit to help engage, educate and empower those in recovery, seeking recovery and their family members. 

If you would like a training brought to your agency, organization or community please contact David Stoecker at or 417-268-7489

The United States of Opioids by Harry Nelson


• How the Opioid Crisis reflects 100 years of misunderstanding of the interplay between pain, opioids, and addiction.

• How medical training has failed patients in pain.

• Why doctors overprescribe.

• The deeper roots of the Opioid Crisis.

• How our health system is both the problem and solution to  America’s deadliest public health disaster.

• Why shame may be the biggest part of the problem to overcome.

• Why the only way to protect your family and friends is by learning the skills of prevention and intervention.

• Managing chronic pain and medication: understanding your alternatives.


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