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The MRN would like to invite our members, allies, and stakeholders to get ACTIVELY involved in our statewide advocacy efforts. We know our members have lots of great ideas and we would like to encourage and engage each of you to get involved and share those ideas with us.  To get involved, call us today at 573-634-1029 or email us.  Also check us out on Facebook.  The best way to predict the future is to create it!  We need your help in creating a better future for those in recovery and those who still suffer from addiction.

We believe that grassroots input and advocacy are essential to create systems of support and public policy that meet the needs of individuals and families affected by addiction.  It is our belief that those with lived experience have much knowledge to share when in comes to what is needed to obtain and sustain long term recovery.  Therefore, the recovery community must be an integral part of discussions and decisions that are being made that affect them ~ Nothing About Us Without Us!  Those in recovery must be involved in identifying the kinds of environments and the types of activities and support that promote continued recovery and wellness.

Join our advocacy efforts today!
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Would you have an interest in helping mobilize the recovery community in your local area of the state by being vocal and visible regarding your recovery?
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